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Mari Takahashi is a multifaceted Japanese-American gaming content creator, actor and entrepreneur. In 2010, she co-founded Smosh Games, winning 2 Streamy Awards and a Webby during her tenure.

Ayala, a beauty and makeup star who hails from Los Angeles, began making videos in English before discovering that she had a lot of Spanish-speaking fans.


Ashley is a 29-year-old mama, wife, and speech-language pathologist. She absolutely loves sharing her latest and greatest fashion finds and makeup tips, as well as family related content.

TikTok star famous for her hair styling content, which includes tutorials on achieving specific looks, hair care, and situation-based styles.

YouTube star and on air personality whose advice on fashion and life has been viewed more than 45 million times on YouTube.

Eric is currently a hair stylist at the Michael Kemper Salon, and the official hair sponsor for Miss Texas USA and Texas Teen USA.

Known on social media as MakeupByGriselda (MUByGriselda), she is a beauty influencer and freelance makeup artist best known for her tips and makeup tutorials.

TikTok star, Ford studied science and chemistry at Howard University, has worked in the cosmetics industry and is currently formulating his own makeup products based on the needs of deeper skin tones.

Jillian Michaels is one of the most well-known names in fitness. She made her name starring in 11 seasons of The Biggest Loser, as well as writing 8 New York Times bestselling books, and creating some of the most popular home workout videos of all time.

Social media star who is best known for appearing on his wife's destenepolidore TikTok account where she posts couple pranks and challenge videos.

Datto started as a small channel covering news updates on the initial release of “Destiny.” He is considered one of the leading creators in the
Destiny community.

TikTok star and gamer known for creating Call of Duty content. He amassed more than 1.3 million followers on his joshchx account.

Ewok is a Deaf, 17 year old Fortnite player who made history when he became the first female member of FaZe Clan. Ewok recently came out as transgender and uses the pronouns he/him/his. Ewok is currently signed to XSET as a content creator for the team.

SushiBAE is one of the most popular gaming creators on TikTok who is known for creating wholesome and family friendly content. He regularly plays Fortnite and VALORANT on his Twitch channel where he invites his viewers to join him for custom mini-games.

LaurenzSide is one of the leading female YouTube gamers on the scene today. Lauren’s content focuses on improv comedy and storytelling within
gaming. She also hosts a podcast with her husband called “Everything is Creepy.”

Harris uses his experience in film, music, and entertainment to craft informative videos on all things streaming, tech, content creation, and
growth strategy. Harris is the creator of StreamBeats, a copyright free record label designed to play in the background of streams and videos.

The Warp Zone is a Los Angeles-based production team that create highly engaging and shareable content based on gaming and pop culture.

Chrissy Costanza is the frontwoman of Against the Current. In 2020, she hosted Guest House on Venn TV. In 2017, Against the Current recorded and
performed “Legends Never Die” for the League of Legends Worlds Final in Beijing.

Best known as the Best Player in the World, MKLeo has dominated the Smash Ultimate scene since its release. He is currently ranked #1 on the Mexican
Ultimate Power Rankings, OrionRank Mid-Year 2022, and PGRU v3 NA.

Makeup and beauty guru with an enormous social media following who was named Ryan Seacrest Best Beauty Guru of 2013. She runs a blog called Naturally Nicole where she posts tutorials, DIYs, reviews, and fashion blogs.

Sophie Shab, is the founder of the Instagram beauty account Trendmood.

Kukombo is a Chinese-American creative based in New York City with an interdisciplinary artistic background in fashion design, filmmaking (including 3D and animation), music production, and photography.

Nico is a popular YouTuber born in Peru and raised in Canada. Known for his entertaining and skilled content, Nico’s content primarily revolves around gaming!

Stove is a popular creator who is apart of the Youtube group, Team Rar. He blew up on Youtube for his high energy challenges and comedic pranks. Over the past few years he has amassed over 2.6M fans.

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Our clientele spans from established industry veterans with a wealth of experience to emerging talents who are on the rise. Our roster comprises an exceptional collection of highly skilled and gifted individuals.

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